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Hello dear player! Welcome to the best io games list in the internet. We are constantly adding new games and tips and tricks to it in order to massively improve your multiplayer gaming experience.


First things first: io games are awesome. But the problem is that most io games are unknown although they’re really cool. We want to solve that problem by making a huge and hyper cool io games list.

This whole io games revolution started some months ago with the introduction of a game called This multiplayer game became an instant hit due to it’s simple user interface and addicting methodology of playing.

After only a few days, many new websites appeared trying to copy the previously mentioned hit, but none of them succeeded. Then, something magical happened… Attracted by the huge attention got, developers all over the world started thinking of web multiplayer games that shared some characteristics with (like for example the small balls that are dispersed around the map and that give you points when you eat them) but also incorporated tons of new ones. Some of the best known results of this io games boom are, and .


Do you think there will be even more io games in a near future? I think yes.


Your feedback is welcome, if you want to say something just let us know in the comment section below! If you think there’s a game missing on our io game list you can add it here. Have fun playing!


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You are a snake. Yeah, and you kill other snakes. Sounds fun huh? This huge multiplayer game went viral a few weeks ago when some YouTubers made a video about it. This game deserves the #1 position on our io games list since it is the most popular among players worldwide.

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io game

Minecraft styled shooter. Although the graphics are a bit crappy, the game is awesome and extremely addictive. The objective of this multi player io game is to kill as many opponents as possible to dominate the ranking.

Tips and tricks ⇒

wings io

In this io game you’re a plane and guess what? Bingo! You shoot down other planes! In the contrary of other games like for example or you don’t loose all your points when you die. Therefore it’s quite easy to reach the #1 in the leaderboard.


You are a tank and the objective is to shoot up other players. The more points you recollect, the more features you can add to your tank. This game is specially fun if you team up with your friends and fight together with them.

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Some sort of space You can shoot at your opponents. If you run into the small meteors it won’t affect your health bar, but if you crash with a different space ship you are instantly dead. Do you think it deserves a spot on this io games list? Let us know in the comments!


I mean, who doesn’t know Well, in case you don’t, is a game where you are some sort of cell and the objective is to gain as much mass as possible. This can be achieved either by collecting small balls that are all over the map, or by eating other cells that are smaller than you.

narwhale io

Narwhales are weird animals, and so is this game. Quite simple: Kill other whales with your horn and dont let others kill YOU!!

sl4sh io

This io game kind of reminds me of, however, the gameplay is much faster and there is much more you can do to eliminate your opponents.

io games list

Similar to, but more complicated. A huge pro in this game is that it has way more more skins and a more vivid design than The only drawback is that the controls are a bit hard and the lag can be really annoying sometimes.


Looks like some crappy puzzle game from the 90s, but it’s actually really fun once you start playing. By the way, is also a copy from a 90s game called “snake”. Happy cursoring!!

At you are transported back to the stone age. Fight for resources and protect them from your opponents. Hours of fun ensured with this simple fighting game.

Tankar is a tanks game where you need to shoot down other tanks. In some aspects its similar to, like for example that you recollect small balls to gain mass and that if you kill an opponent and eat it’s mass, you grow too. It’s quite hard to win here.


lazerdrive io

Ok, this game is really weird. Its basically about killing your opponents by making them run into some sort of liquid you can expulse when you press enter (or left click on your mouse). The main character in this io game looks like some sort of Horseshoe crab. Don’t know what that is? Google it, you won’t regret it.

Tips and tricks ⇒

lazerdrive io

At you are a light beam that keeps increasing in length as you move forward. The goal is to not run into other players, or your own body. This game is quite challenging and it’s really impressive to make it to the first position in the leaderboard. However, it’s on the last position of our io games list since it quickly gets you bored.


biome 3d

A 3d version of the most famous game on this io games list:!!

slay one

The greatest survival multiplayer game you can find on this io games list. The latest update even supports creating your own map to play against your friends.

gunr io

Awesome space shooter. In this io game, you are a small space ship and the main objective is to shoot down your opponents. As you accumulate points. your main weapon improves automatically.

splix io

This game is quite similar to other games on this io games list in aspects like eliminating other players by making them crash into you. In this io game, the objective is to dominate as many “squares” as possible.




io games facts and curiosities


Did you know that the .io domain games like and are using is not designed to be used for that purpose?

For example .com is used for commercial sites or .org for organizations, usually NGO’ s. But what the heck do you use .io for?

According to official sources, the .io domain is intended to be used by websites that are registered in the Indian Ocean!

By the way, website and app developers are also starting to use .io for their stuff since it is the abbreviation of “Input/ Output”, a key term in computer science.


More awesome io games on!!


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