How to make a hell of a tank in is one of the most recent io games and it already has a huge use base. This multiplayer game is so fun because you can upgrade your tank as you kill your opponents and get points. Damn, it would be really cool if you could do the same in


Anyways, important is that you need to do this wisely. One wrong click in the “upgrade menu” and you are screwed.


In this brief video tutorial, JellyFish Plays shows us how to quickly make an indestructible tank that will make you ALWAYS win. Enjoy!! Best new io game!

Tired of playing Give a try!


Limax is a new io game similar to the rest:

  • You increase your mass by eating small “balls”
  • You increase in mass by eating the mass of your dead opponents
  • There’s a ranking
  • You have a turbo that makes you faster if you release mass


However, you don’t kill your enemies when they run into you (, and you also don’t kill them by eating the smaller ones (

Instead, you get rid of the competitions when others touch the “wall” you produce when using the turbo

How to win in with lag

Do you want to know how to win in slither io with lag?


We all know how annoying lag is in a multiplayer game. It can ruin your leaderboard position in one second, and it wasn’t even your fault.


The best strategy to succeed in slither io even if there is lag is to use the “bait trap strategy”.


This consists in killing a snake and instead of eating all its mass to grow larger, you leave some of it and wait until another snake comes to take it. Then you sprint right in front of your opponent to kill him. Repeat for infinite mass!!!


The advantage of this strategy is that in days with lag, it’s very risky to move around the map, since in every moment your screen could simply freeze and you can run into another snake.

Checkout all available io games on our io games list! – The sniping!


If you like simple shooter games this is your thing. In this io game you are a sniper and you fight against other players in a small map with many hallways.


The fun part is that you are not limited to using a single weapon. There are 6 to choose from and many mods to combine them with!


In addition to all that, you can also make an account at the site ( in order to track your performance and unlock some nice extras. The reddit community of the game is huge, and it’s an awesome place to share your thoughts or ask any question you have.